Initialization #01

So, what brought me to photographing? My answer might sound little wired. For my college, I majored in electrical engineering, and optics engineering specifically. One major field of it was designing optical systems for different purposes, such as the telescope, microscope, and usual camera for sure. The very first motivation to get to know about the terms I am using so frequently now, instead of photographing itself, was actually to pass the finals. But I am feeling very lucky now to have learned so many theoretical things about lenses, imaging processing etc. They lead me to a different perspective of photographing, which is not just something visual and artistic for me.

Then, what keeps me doing photographing now? I still remember when I was in elementary school, I was always the favorite student of my math as well as the art teacher. Every time my mother brought the question - "what do you want to do in the future?" - to me, I would say "I want to be a scientist and artist at the same time!". And surprisingly, I am still heading in that direction somehow. Except that, instead of being a scientist, I am a software engineer now, instead of an artist, I am a photographer. And these two different versions of me kinda interact with each other in a very beneficial fashion. My visual and aesthetic sensitivity help me build more visually pleasant user interface at work, and my sensitivity and curiosity for science and technology help me find the most efficient way to express my aesthetic ideas. 

Finally, I am here, sharing my photographing works with you through the website I built. Well, it's not built from scratch actually, thanks to Squarespace. But just to put a pin here, I am learning more and more advanced web technologies and UI/UX stuff, so rebuilding this website from scratch is actually on my list now. Hopefully, I will also have more and better photographing or even design works to share with you at that time.

Thank you for reading and visiting my website. Please feel free to leave comment on this or any future blogs to share any suggestion, idea or anything :)

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